Why is service so important in the world of events?

service in the world of events and event management

This week we are supporting a pharmaceutical sales event in Rome. Whilst the client has been spending hours on workshops supporting its staff with examples of how to wow their customers, we have been experiencing it first hand from the hotel. But why is service so important in the world of events?

The event is being held at The Rome Cavalieri – A Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The hotel was built in 1963 and the outside is not a beautiful ornate building like many others in The Eternal City. It is built on Monte Mario, one of the tallest hills of Rome and therefore the views are stunning. The inside is decorated with beautiful art and ornaments. It is grand but not over the top.

But what has really impressed me about hosting an event in this hotel is the level of service I have experienced.

Pre-Event Service

Before we even came onsite for the event, the communication from the hotel was superb. They responded quickly to emails. No requests seemed to be too much trouble. Everything was polite, prompt and productive. It was beyond the level of service that we would expect.

Wowed on Arrival

When I arrived at the hotel, the concierge immediately offered help with my bags – along with a glass of water. The receptionist asked if I wanted to sit down whilst we completed the check-in process. The staff welcomed me like an old friend – but thanked me authentically when I said it was my first time at the hotel. As the first point of contact that our delegates have with the event, it is important the service from the front desk is as if we were doing it ourselves.

When I got to my room there was fresh flowers along with a bowl of fruit and bottled water. In my room, the manager had placed a hand written note welcoming to the hotel. The whole room was beautifully clean and ordered.

Service at the Event

For the event itself, nothing was too much trouble for the staff. Whether it was the catering team in the congress centre, the bar staff in the evening or the housekeeping team looking after the rooms of our many delegates. Every member of staff did their job quickly and with a smile. Once again, nothing was too much trouble.

So why is service so important in the world of events?

In today’s world everyone is very busy, particularly the clients that we work with. So for them to take even a day out of that schedule to attend an event means we must make it worth their while. We want to make them glad that they came. The way to do that is through the little things. Small details are what people remember. Going the extra mile is rarely difficult or expensive but the rewards are magnificent. Whilst, as organisers, we have control over much of that, the venue also plays a large part of it. So if we can rely on them to offer world-class customer service to all of our attendees, then half the battle is won. And we can take care of the rest.

If you would like to know more about how we can ‘wow’ your attendees, get in touch. Our email is hello@theeventsexecutive.com or call our Managing Director, Alice Watts, on +44 (0)7765 067306.

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