Professional Conference Organisers (PCO)

Whether it is 50 people or 5000, The Events Executive Ltd has a wide range of experience as the professional conference organisers (PCO) for organisations across the world.

From venue finding to delegate registration. From exhibition liasions to abstract management . We can take care of every detail of the logistics of your event from start to finish. We can take the whole process off your hands. Alternatively, we can just look after a single element of it, integrating into any internal teams or other suppliers.

professional conference organisers (PCO) at work

Our Experience as Professional Conference Organisers (PCO)

We have experience within healthcare and pharmaceutical event management. We have also worked with sales conferences, engineering events and internal business update meetings across a range of sectors.

How can we support you?

“I can’t believe nothing has gone wrong”

This was a quote from one of our clients in the middle of their conference.

“If you think nothing has gone wrong, then we’ve done our job” was our response.

By working with a PCO, the little things get taken care of without you needing to worry about it. There are a lot of balls to juggle when it comes to events. Last minute changes to hotel rooming lists, understanding whether a speaker wants a handheld or tie-clip microphone. These are all things that we take off your hands. We answer the questions from delegates, arrange travel for speakers and try to take as much stress away from you as possible.

That does not mean you are not involved. We will always come to you if there are any major problems. We will obviously also suggest solutions at the same time! It just means you can take the credit from attendees on an exceptionally well organised conference.

Professional Conference Organisers (PCO) for Virtual and Hybrid Events

In today’s world, our experience of virtual and hybrid events bring an essential element to all events. Recent years have taught us how important it is to have people physically together where possible. We also need to be able to plan for those who aren’t.

Our technology partners are world-class experts in seamless delivery of all virtual elements of any event. This allows delegates attending from home the opportunity to feel part of the event rather than simply passive bystanders.

Congress Support

Our experience and knowledge of ABPI and other guidelines means we are also able to offer Congress Support to any pharmaceutical companies offering HCPs attendance at these events.