Top 5 Online Event Ideas for Lockdown

Top 5 Online Event Ideas for Lockdown

Whilst the lockdown restrictions are easing slightly in England, we are still a long way from social gatherings, large meetings and events. This does not, however, mean that we are not still wanting to get together with friends and colleagues and there are lots of different activities that you can put together to keep you thoroughly entertained for a few hours. Here are my Top 5.

Beer/Wine/Gin/Tea Tasting

These can either be done as hosted events with a knowledgeable expert of you can DIY with some information from the internet. Obviously the drinks will need to be purchased in advance but if you go for the hosted version then this can be done remotely with the right selection being posted to each participant ready for the big day.

Just a word of warning – remember this is a tasting! If you are going for wine or spirits, 5 bottles of anything in one night is a bad idea.

It would also exclude any of your potential participants who do not drink which is a growing trend at the moment however there is a huge range of non-alcoholic drinks and spirits available now that are as good as their alcoholic siblings so that could offer an event in itself. Have a look at for some inspiration.

Scavenger Hunt

The good thing about this is that you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like with points for creativity or speed. The downside is that it often involves people ransacking their house so if you are doing it in an evening and they have loved ones in other parts of the house that do not necessarily want to join in, they may be limited on what they can achieve.

We have run a couple of successful scavenger hunts since lockdown began and some of our rounds have included:

  • Find as many blue items in your house as possible in just one minute
  • Given that it looks like most summer holidays are going to be cancelled, create a holiday picture in your house and WhatsApp it to the host
  • Recreate your company logo using items from your house
  • Make a hat out of items you have in your house – you must then wear this hat for the rest of the event
  • Create a face mask out of items you have within 5 metres of where you are sitting

Learning a New Skill with an online coach

Whilst there are thousands of online tutorial videos online that you can following, nothing beats having an expert in front of you to help you through learning a new skill and the best thing about it is that you can hire the best from all over the country without having to pay for long distance travel!

One of the best examples of this is The Fool Monty ( who has been teaching people to juggle via the power of the internet, including Ben Shephard from GMTV. We have worked with Matt on a few events and he really is an expert who can teach the clumsiest of people to juggle in a really short amount of time.

Question and Answer session with an industry expert

Or just with someone really interesting! With speakers not being able to speak at events, many are offering online sessions instead either at a reduced cost or even free in some instances. If your group has a particular interest, then see if you can get an expert to come and have a chat via Zoom or Facebook live. Advertise it in advance and get people to send in their questions to make it interactive without being difficult to control.

There are some fascinating people out there with amazing stories to tell. One speaker we have worked with on a number of occasions is Michelle Mills-Porter ( Not only does Michelle have an amazing ability to understand people, their values and motivations but she also has a phenomenal personal story where she survived one of the biggest natural disasters of our lifetime.

My biggest tip when looking for a speaker for an online event is to aim high! Whilst you may not be able to afford to get them to travel the country and give up an evening to speak at your gala dinner, you would be amazed how many people are willing to give up an hour of their time in front of their laptop right now.

Movie Night

There is a Google Chrome plug in called Netflix Watch Party (  which allows you to watch a film with a group of friends with a chat box. It also pauses the film for everyone if one person needs to get another drink or go to the toilet etc so no one misses out on the action or gets hit by spoilers in the chat.

Each person does need to have their own Netflix account but they do often offer free trials which can be cancelled after the event and there is no cost to the watch party plug in.